Serving our church is the responsibility of all our members, and one that provides a rewarding sense of fellowship and contribution. The Diaconate focuses on the worship service, it’s preparation, organization, and set up. The Trustees are responsible for the church building and grounds, as well as other church properties. The Official Board sets the events calendar for the year, dinners, retreats, and other special events. Women’s Fellowship, one of the oldest organizations in the church, meets for social and philanthropic activites. 


Members of our congregation, Kenn Oerkfitz and Adria Bond, will share the responsibilities of church finances. Kenn is our Treasurer, and Adria is our Financial Secretary. What this means to you— Kenn  handles any questions about expenses and bill payments, and Adria  handles questions about income and contributions/donations. If you are not sure who to contact with your question or concern, then contact either of us and we will see that it gets to the right person.

Kenn Oerkfitz
Phone: 440-238-3228

Adria Bond
Phone:  440-227-8410

Officers elected on January 29, 2017,
have an asterisk* by their names.

Moderator: Rachel Zielinski*
Vice-Moderator: Bill Schneider*
Treasurer: Kenn Oerkfitz*
Clerk: Karen Morgan*
Sunday School Co-Superintendents: Jamie Habart*
Irene Joyce*
Board of Trustees
Ed Bond Lloyd Bridle* Jim Dettmer*
Greg Dickson* Bill Giuliano Dale Hawk*
Jim Heinrich* Bob Kovatich Ken Mehalko
Ed Sobek*
Endowment Fund Subcommittee
Irene Jannsohn* Joyce Reed*
Jennifer Barry* Kelly Bickley* Adria Bond
Barbara Camp* Gina Cathcart* Ginny Oerkfitz
Kristen Clotworthy* Dan Davis Cathy Hawk
Sarah Hayes* Linda Plain* Cheryl Sobek
Marty Winch*
Christian Education Committee
Kelly Bickley* Jamie Trinckes Irene Joyce
Sandy O’Shea* Lora Rung*
Music Committee
Ingrid Dickson* Pam Keenen Elena Taylor
Barb Fraunfelder Ken Mehalko*
Stewardship Committee
Rosemary Bechtel Barbara Bridle* Sue Gigliotti*
Sharon Heinrich Laurie Meister*
Mission and Outreach Committee
Judy Carte* Brandi Garsteck* Michele Mihlack*
Gary Paul* Lora Rung Bev Wehr