The Official Board is comprised of representatives from each organization and board in the church.  Its purpose is to provide a forum for communication and coordination among the various groups within the church, enabling each group to better support the others, itself, and the church.  The Board meets monthly. Officers of the Official Board include:

Moderator:  Rachel Zielinski                                Vice Moderator:  Bill Schneider
Official Board Treasurer:  Ted Bickley          Official Board Secretary:  Irene Joyce

The annual responsibilities of the Official Board include the Annual Meeting Pancake Breakfast and the Easter Breakfast, the Annual Winter Retreat at Pilgrim Hills, the Church Picnic, and the Christmas Potluck. The Swiss Steak Dinner in February, the Roast Pork Dinner in March, the Garage Sale in September, and the Turkey Dinner in November were all successful events. The Official Board sponsored the Holiday Open House in November.  They also set the calendar for the church’s various events and activities.

Three important duties of the Official Board are:  appointing a Nominating Committee to find candidates for election to the various boards at the Annual Meeting, reviewing and recommending changes to the church’s constitution, and establishing an Auditing Committee to audit the books of the various church groups as well as the church’s accounts. This year, the Official Board appointed a Transition Team and a Pulpit Search Committee to facilitate the search and call process for a new settled minister after Rev. Rebecca Stephenson’s retirement.

In addition to the annual events, the Official Board sponsored many special projects this year, including the following:

*Celebrated our church’s 200th Anniversary, under the leadership of Joyce Reed and her committee

*Subsidized the cost of the Winter Retreat in February.

*Purchased plants to beautify church grounds.

*Donated 10% of the profits from each dinner to the Wednesday Free Lunch Program.

*Contributed to Pastor Becky & Jack’s farewell festivities

*Organized the church’s participation in the Strongsville Homecoming Parade.

*Purchased many supplies and equipment for the kitchen

*Sponsored a Women’s Retreat at Pilgrim Hills in August.

*Voted to subsidize the church’s Operating Fund as necessary.

*Purchased a new sofa for use in the Parlor/Conference room

*Oversaw an adult gift donation program with the Strongsville Food Bank as an outreach

*Helped with the Turkey Basket project

*Assisted with coordinating refurbishing the downstairs classroom & minister’s office

We have many hard-working members who not only serve their individual groups, but also the church as a whole, the community, and God’s people throughout the world.  Our focus will continue to be on service, communication, and cooperation as we face a new year with our settled pastor, Rev. Heidi and Chuck to lead us.