If you or a family member would like a visit, please call the church at (440) 238-6697.  Please provide updates for this list.  Thank you.

Long-Term Care or Homebound: Janet Kato at Kemper House, Martha Liebert, Marge McKinney, Karen Rak, Connie Rebar, Trish Shields

Church Family:  Dolores Bail, Jen Barry, Joan Beckwith, Elaine Coffey, Rev. Larry and Christina Craig, Sam Cuyler Jr., Dan Davis, Sue Hawk, Steve Herzog, Paul Hirt, Carole Kapcar, Debbie Krause, Karl Kuhlenschmidt, Sharon Kuhlenschmidt, Millie Lafave, Lacey Marshall, Judy Maur, Laurie Meister, Michele Mihlack, Bill Ritchie, Alysha Rolland, Ginger Rothel, John and Maggie Struhar, Josh Trinckes, Bill Williamson, Sharon Wilson, Sally Vetovitz, Peg Weakley, Claire Wills, Marty Winch

Extended Church Family: Amy Carroll (sister of Marty Winch), Hunter Colao(grandson of Mark & Barb Camp), Lyla Joy Crowley (great grand-niece of Irene Jannsohn), Elaine Fuelling (friend of Judi Pavisich), Rebecca Gordon (niece of Irene Jannsohn), Kim Filiatraut (friend of Sarah Keenen), Bill Foley, (father of Tom), Elizabeth Fulford (friend of Lora Rung), Jeff and Tiffany Hassel (son and daughter-in-law of Judi Pavisich), Kelly Kling (Strongsville Emergency Food Bank), Rev. Kent Knife (retired pastor from MHUCC), Diane Mason (friend of Lora Rung), Pat Masuga (mother of Dan), Zachary McKeever (great-nephew of Pastor Heidi and Chuck), Linda McNabb (sister-in-law of Ginger Rothel), Mae O’Shea (mom of Sandy O’Shea), Carrol Riley (father of Marjorie Morrison), Terry Robson (friend of the Camps), Mike Rung (brother of Lora), Amanda Shannon (friend of Sarah & Jon Hayes), Sherry Sheeks (sister of Mark Camp), Brad Williams (friend of Judi Pavisich), Daphne Wilson (niece of Irene Jannsohn)

Our church has an e-mail prayer chain.

Please see Pastor Heidi if you would like to pray for others.   


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Friends, as many of you know, every other Sunday we have guests who join us from Vitalia Senior Center. One of those visitors was Judy Munshower. She passed away peacefully on December 24, 2020. Judy started coming to SUCC around Easter 2019. Please keep her husband, Bill, her daughter, Kelley Anderson (Dave), Karrie Palmer (Rick), and Kristin Lutz (Nate) in your prayers. Judy was planning to become a member of our church in January.

Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to Betty Yarnell and the family and friends of Allan Haberkorn, who passed away suddenly on December 29, 2020.  Al and Betty have been fixtures in the third pew on the pulpit side of our sanctuary on Sunday mornings for many years. Jardine Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.


If you would like to make a contribution to the Memorial Fund in memory of loved one, please place your donation in an envelope labeled “Memorial Fund” and return in the offering plate or to the church office.