godsprayerHospitals no longer provide names of members who are patients. If you or a family member would like a visit, please call the church at (440) 238-6697.
Please inform the church of updates to this list.

Long-Term Care or Homebound: Betty Bushea at Danbury Senior Living in Brunswick, Janet Kato at Kemper House, Martha Liebert, Marge McKinney, Ruth Milidonis, Karen Rak, Connie Rebar, Trish Shields

Church Family:  Izabella Abruzzino, Betty Babics, Dakota Brammer, Rev. Larry and Christina Craig, Sam Cuyler Jr., Sandy Gleichauf, Steve Herzog, Paul Hirt, Elena Joyce, Bobbie Krisak, Karl Kuhlenschmidt, Sharon Kuhlenschmidt, Phyllis Kurz (mother of Karen Morgan), Fred and Kathe Lombardo, Lacey Marshall (daughter of Amanda and John), Laurie Meister, Michele Mihlack, Karen Morgan, Joyce Reed, Bill Ritchie, Ginger Rothel, Linda Stepan, Sally Vetovitz, Kyle Woodward

Extended Church Family:  Amy Carroll (sister of Marty Winch), Kim Filiatraut (friend of Sarah Keenen), Joyce Freeman (sister of Carol Woodward), Elizabeth Fulford (friend of Lora Rung), Sam Harteis (friend of Reeds), Sandra Manos (mother of Eli), Diane Mason (friend of Lora Rung), Pat Masuga (mother of Dan), Zachary McKeever (great-nephew of Pastor Heidi and Chuck), family of Mary Alice Paschal, Jeff Perrin (cousin of Barb Fraunfelder), Carrol Riley (father of Marjorie Morrison), Joe Valli (brother-in-law of Vicky and Dan Masuga), Brad Williams, (friend of Judi Pavisich)

Our church has an e-mail prayer chain.

Please see Pastor Heidi if you would like to be added.


Our deepest condolences to Rob Toth on the passing of his father, Frank Toth, on March 3, 2019. A memorial service was held on Thursday, March 7 at Busch Funeral Home in Parma.

†     †     †     †     †

Our love and prayers of sympathy are extended to Jennifer Barry, Myron Costin, and Clara Barry on the death of Jen’s mom, Margaret Haught on Friday, March 8, 2019. Her funeral was on March 14.

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We have learned that the Rev. Audrey Miller passed away on March 7.  Audrey served our church along with Reverend Morris in the early 2000’s. A memorial service for her was held in Pennsylvania on March 16, 2019.

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Sending our sympathy also to Eileen Pincombe, on the passing of Harvey Pincombe, a member of our congregation since 2013. Harvey went home to the Lord on March 8, 2019 after a long illness. His funeral was March 16 at Busch Funeral Home.

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Our heartfelt sympathy also goes out to Jim, Irene, Erik, Evan, and Elena Joyce on the death on Jim’s mom, Mary Joyce-Smith on March 14. The funeral was at St. Malachi Catholic Church and burial at Holy Cross Cemetery.


If you would like to make a contribution to the Memorial Fund in memory of loved one, please place your donation in an envelope labeled “Memorial Fund” and return in the offering plate or to the church office.



Ginny Churnega and Kenn Oerkfitz became great-grandparents on March 26, 2019– twice!

  • Allison Nicole was born to Kyra Krause & Justin Sieving. Grandparents are Debbie & Lee Krause.
  • Carson Jace was born to Jenny Wahl and Dallas Brammer. Grandparents are Cheryl & Ed Sobek.