Persons interested in membership are requested to contact the church office at 440-238-6697.

New members may join through transfer from another church, reaffirmation of faith, or by confirmation. They are asked to stand before the congregation and affirm their faith and promise to support the church.

MEET OUR NEW MEMBERS! Received into membership October 7, 2018

Robert (Bobby) Foley is the youngest child of our choir director, Tom Foley and his wife, Suzi. Bobby, an avid musician, is a Junior at Strongsville High School, where he plays percussion in the Marching Band. Bobby has already shared a number of his piano compositions with us during worship. His fellowship friend is also his mother, Suzi Foley.

Jackie Foley is a first-year student at the University of Cincinnati, where she is majoring in French and math. Jack and her twin brother, Jimmy, are the oldest children of Tom and Suzi Foley. Jackie and her brothers were baptized in our church and she is transferring her membership from Middleburg Heights Community UCC, where she was confirmed. She is very musical and enjoys theater and musical performances.

Jimmy Foley is a freshman at Ohio University, studying math as his major. He and his siblings were baptized in our church and were active in the Sunday School. He was confirmed at Middleburg Heights Community UCC and is transferring his membership from there. Like the rest of his family, Jimmy is very musical and played in the Strongsville High School Marching Band throughout his high school years.

Sue Gross has been married to Bob for 38 years; they have two children and two grandchildren. Sue most recently was a part of Trinity UCC, and has found a special calling here in tending the Outdoor Worship Space (for which we are very grateful). She has already been a part of several aspects of our church life here. Her fellowship friend is Cherie Teagno.

Gary Hackett has been a familiar face in the Strongsville UCC music program for about five years. He credits Ken Mehalko with inviting him into this church family. Music has always been a major part of his life, and it shows as he sings in our Chancel Choir, the Southwest Community Chorus, and plays in the SUCC Band. His fellowship friend is Chuck McDougall.

Herb Hampson was married in a Presbyterian church, where he and his late wife worshipped for many years. Most recently, he comes to Strongsville UCC from University Circle United Methodist Church. Herb lives in Westpark, and his fellowship friend is Chuck McDougall.

Kay and Ken Konicek began coming to Strongsville UCC in 2014. They have also attended University Circle UMC, where they got to know Ken Mehalko and Bev Wehr. They appreciate the worship style here, “focused on love and caring,” and they live in Meadowood. A talented couple, Kay helped design our Gathering Area and Ken is a trumpet player. Their fellowship friends are Ken Mehalko and Bev Wehr.

Tony Koussa was church shopping and had visited five or six churches when he and his granddaughter Gabby first visited Strongsville UCC. Almost immediately, they felt welcome and “at home.” Tony has also participated in the Free Lunch for All; Gabby is a student of Cheryl Sobek. Tony lives in Columbia Station, and his fellowship friend is Kenn Oerkfitz.

Sharon and Karl Kuhlenschmidt began dating when they were only fifteen years old! They were raised Disciples of Christ, and appreciate that Strongsville UCC gives back so much to the surrounding community. They have already been participating in numerous activities in our church, adding their helping hands and warm spirit. Their fellowship friend is Ginny Churnega Oerkfitz.

Sharon Maresco was raised in the Disciples of Christ as a child; her journey also led her through the Unitarian Universalist tradition, but she felt “something was missing.” Her heart has found its home here, where she is being baptized into the Family of Christ. Sharon lives in Meadowood with her husband of 42 years, Jim. She sings soprano in the Southwest Community Chorus and in our Chancel Choir, alongside her fellowship friend, Ingrid Dickson.

Judi Pavisich became a member of First Evangelical and Reformed Church in Lakewood in 1956, when she was confirmed. She and her husband were married at Brooklyn Heights United Church of Christ; she comes to us from Middleburg Heights Community Church. (You may have met Judi since she has served as a greeter here several times.) Judi’s fellowship friend is Tom Foley.

Linda Ponstingle was raised in the United Church of Christ, including Dennison UCC and Middleburg Heights Community Church, where she and her husband, Dan, have been quite active. Her heart has found a home here, where she is already a talented member of the Bell Choir and was a big help at the Garage Sale. Her fellowship friend is Irene Joyce.

Richard Taylor has been attending with us for several months, following his move from Minneapolis to Strongsville. He comes from a church of over 3,700 members, but it was Linda Ponstingle’s personal invitation that led him here. He has already become involved in our church life by helping with the Garage Sale and various other projects. His fellowship friend is Judy Carte.

Barbara and John Toth come to us from Middleburg Heights Community Church, where Barbara has been a member for 45 years! They appreciate our unmatched hospitality, and look forward to becoming more involved here, as well. The Toths have already attended several of our church activities and outings. Their fellowship friends are Adria and Eddy Bond.

Dave Williams “blames” Bruce Keenen for inviting him to attend Strongsville UCC. His heart felt lost and homeless, but when he landed here, he says he has never felt anything but welcome. Dave and his wife, Heather, live in Strongsville. He is the (other) deep bass voice in the Chancel Choir and the Southwest Community Chorus, and his fellowship friend is Bruce Keenen.

Janis and Bill Williamson
have worshipped with us regularly for quite some time. Janis was raised in the Warren UCC her whole life. She and Bill have been married for more than 37 years. Janis is a regular helper with our Free Lunch for All. They live in Strongsville and their fellowship friend is Betty Craig.