Jennifer Barry

Sarah Hayes

Dawn Rolland

Cathy Hawk

Other members:

Barbara Camp

Gina Cathcart

Kristen Clotworthy

Elaine Coffey

Linda Plain

Linda Ponstingle

Barbara White

Marty Winch

Mary Ellen Zimmerman

The Diaconate continued to maintain the function of worship at the Strongsville United Church of Christ, despite the shutdown caused by the global pandemic. We hope to resume normal operations soon.

  • The Diaconate is responsible making sure the worship service runs smoothly.  Those responsibilities include providing communion supplies, providing the oil for the candles and making sure they get lit each Sunday, changing the sanctuary cloths according to the church calendar, making coffee for coffee hour, providing greeters and ushers every Sunday, keeping the pencils sharpened, and the pews supplied with envelopes. All of those duties were fulfilled until the shutdown in March, 2020.
  • In January and February, the Funeral Committee and church members provided food for luncheons to church families who lost loved ones. Funeral services were not held at the church during shutdown.
  • The Diaconate continues to pay for the CCLI license, which gives us copyrights of music, and this year we had to upgrade our license to facilitate online worship streaming.
  • We give a keepsake book to the families of children who were baptized, which includes pictures of the church, the congregation, and a message to the family. Two baptisms took place in 2020.
  • We celebrated graduations by posting pictures of the graduates on our Facebook page and the newsletter and in a special slide show featuring photos of our graduates during online worship.
  • We decorated for the Thanksgiving season; we also decorated the church for Christmas, albeit with fewer decorations. We concentrated on decorating (and undecorating) the sanctuary for online worship.
  • In October, Diaconate members organized and sanitized for an in-person worship service in Pilgrim Hall to commemorate our church’s 203rd Anniversary.
  • Diaconate members put together Advent packages for the congregation to celebrate the season.
  • Several drive-through events were held, including Rally Day, Blessing of the Pets, and Halloween Penny Sunday for UNICEF.

All are welcome to participate in the many duties that the Diaconate members oversee, such as:
Scheduling Acolytes
Maintaining the Altar
Setting up Coffee Hour
Enlisting Greeters
Preparing and serving Funeral luncheons
Planning Special Events
Recruiting Ushers
Monitoring the Nursery
Coordinating Pastoral Relations and calling an Interim Pastor.

You do not have to be a Diaconate member (or even a church member) to volunteer your time and talent in the work of the church!

For a brief description of all of the Diaconate’s activities, click here.