After a lengthy Covid 19 hiatus, Linda Elkins and Serena Abruzzino were appointed co-superintendents of Sunday School.  Summer Sunday School commenced on May 2 and ended on August 29.  A series of lessons about protecting the Earth by Illustrated Ministries was used.  Students and staff were expected to wear masks and stay socially distant.  Individual packets of supplies for each child were prepared. Thank you to Mary Densmore, Irene Joyce, Rachel Zielinski, Sharon Heinrich, Lora Rung, Cherie Teagno, Linda Elkins, Cathy Hawk, Sandy Pogozelski, Ginger Rothel, Elaine Coffey, and Serena Abruzzino for teaching in the summer.

In July, there was a Bake Sale by the Sunday School during the church’s Garage Sale.  A collection of over $600 made it a great success.

With the help of members of our church, the carpet upstairs was cleaned before Rally Day on September 12th.  Everyone was welcome to get backpacks blessed.

Three classes are being held on Sundays by Lora Rung (confirmation), Serena Abruzzino (Grades 3—5) and Linda Elkins (Age 4—Grade 2).  A curriculum from Illustrated Ministries has been adopted and follows the weekly sermon lectionaries.  Mary Densmore has been teaching whole group lessons each month.

The Christmas Pageant (on Sunday, December 19) was a huge success.  Rachel Zielinski and Sarah Hayes directed the students using a play, “Remembering the Very First Christmas,” written by Irene and Jim Joyce’s daughter, Elena Joyce.  Tom Foley taught the children two songs that were a part of the performance.

Several bids were made to fix and paint the upstairs of the church.  The painting was recently completed and new windows are up next!


Our families have plenty of opportunities for fun, food, and fellowship. Our Sunday School primary and intermediate classes use a curriculum entitled “Illustrated Ministry!”