The Official Board is comprised of representatives from each organization and board in the church.  The Official Board is also responsible for the Nominating and Auditing Committees.

Elected officers of the church and representatives on the Official Board are:

Moderator:  Greg Dickson                         Vice Moderator:  Jennifer Barry

Advertising Committee:  Tom Gaumer                    

Diaconate:  Elaine Coffey                           

Women’s Fellowship:  Sharon Heinrich  (OB Treasurer)       

Sunday School/Christian Ed:  Linda Elkins

Thrift Shop:  Cathy Hawk                                        

Church Dinners/Free Lunch:  Betty Craig     

Trustees:  Greg Dickson                                          

Stewardship Committee:  Judi Pavisich

Music Committee:  Ingrid Dickson                     

Mission/Outreach: Judy Carte                                   

Organ Preservation Committee:  Jim Heinrich            

Church Treasurer:  Sally Herzog                               

Church Financial Secretary:  Gary Zielinski      

Fit Club: Irene Joyce (Official Board Secretary)      

Minister:  Rev. Heidi Denman McDougall     

Clerk: Judy Gaumer

The Official Board is the coordinating body of the church. Each organization, committee, or group has a representative on the board to ensure that everyone works together. The Board sets the church calendar of events each year. In addition, the Official Board has a two-day Garage Sale in the summer and hosts the outdoor only Live Nativity in November. This board also sponsors the Pancake Breakfast at the Annual Meeting, the Annual Winter Retreat, which we were able to have a Templed Hills in February, and the Easter Breakfast.

In addition to these events, the Official Board sponsored many special projects this year, including the following:

*Purchased plants to beautify church grounds.

 *Paid for new signs for the Free Lunch for All Program

*Oversaw the continued Panera Bread program, with thanks to Teri Barbish, Wayne & Bobbi Cook, Colette Emerson, Roz Fotos, Linda Elkins, Sharon Lempner, and Cherie Teagno, who make the Panera Bread ministry possible. Also, thanks to Pastor Heidi, Cathy Hawk and Irene Joyce for delivering the bread downtown when needed; 

*Through donations from the Memorial Fund, purchased 4 new chairs for the Gathering Area;

*Coordinated the collection and distribution of gift cards to help 29 families with Thanksgiving food assistance in cooperation with the Strongsville City School District and the community;

*Along with the Board of Trustees, coordinated the installation of new Leaf Filters on the church building, purchased with the help of the Memorial Fund and a bequest from Len Lane.