The Official Board is comprised of representatives from each organization and board in the church. This year, our board only met in January and February, but had a couple of email votes.  Elected officers of the church and representatives on the Official Board are:

Moderator:  Rachel Zielinski                           Vice Moderator:  Rob Toth

Advertising Committee:  Tom Gaumer          Official Board Treasurer:  Sharon Heinrich

Adult Social Club: Adria Bond                        Diaconate:  Jennifer Barry                            

Women’s Fellowship:  Elaine Coffey              Sunday School/Christian Ed:  Kristen Clotworthy (Jan.- Sept.)

Thrift Shop:  Cathy Hawk                                         Church Dinners/Free Lunch:  Betty Craig     

Trustees:  Greg Dickson                                           Stewardship Committee:  Sue Gigliotti          

Music Committee:  Ingrid Dickson                      Mission/Outreach: Judy Carte                                   

Organ Preservation Committee:  Jim Heinrich             Church Treasurer:  Sally Herzog                               

Church Financial Secretary:  Adria Bond       Fit Club: Irene Joyce (Official Board Secretary)      

Minister:  Rev. Heidi Denman McDougall      Clerk: Judy Gaumer

The annual activities of the Official Board that were able to take place this year prior to the shut-down include the Annual Meeting Pancake Breakfast , the Annual Winter Retreat at Templed Hills, the Swiss Steak Dinner, and the Roast Pork, Sauerkraut and Kielbasa Dinner.


Special thanks to Dale Hawk, Doug Thorn, and the crew for setting up the Nativity scene and to everyone who helps with the Panera Bread ministry each week.


In addition to the annual events, the Official Board sponsored many special projects this year, including the following:


*Subsidized the cost of the Winter Retreat in February.

            *Purchased plants to beautify church grounds.

            *Adopted a Cancellation/Emergency Policy for the church and pandemic protocols.

            *Purchased a new insert for the church’s outdoor sign to indicate online worship.

*Voted to subsidize the church’s Operating Fund as necessary.

*Coordinated the collection and distribution to help 37 families with Thanksgiving food assistance.


Next year, or even the year after, our church and the Official Board will resume its normal activities: Free Lunch for All, the Pancake Breakfast, the Easter Breakfast, Strongsville Homecoming Parade, the Turkey Dinner and other dinners, the Live Nativity and Open House, Elections, and even our regular monthly meetings. In the meantime, thank you to everyone who agreed to extend their terms of service for another year as we navigate these uncharted waters—together in spirit, together in faith, together in hope for a safe and loving future for our church.