Please see our new policy for funerals effective 3/20/20 until the COVID 19 crisis is passed:

Funeral Policies during COVID

If the pastor is requested to officiate at a funeral or memorial service, the general procedure is as follows: The family meets with the funeral director and a date and time is established that is convenient for all, including the pastor, who is notified by the funeral home. A meeting is held between the family and pastor to make arrangements for the funeral service. In the event of the pastor’s absence, arrangements are made to have a pastor available for such times. The deceased need not be a member of the church.

If requested, a funeral or memorial service can be held in the church for a member or relative. The procedure is the same as the above. There is no fee for use of the church by a member. There are, however, nominal organist, sound, and custodial fees.

Under the auspices of the Diaconate, a Funeral Luncheon in Pilgrim Hall is available for member families, following the funeral service. Generally, the pastor or church secretary informs the family about the availability of having a luncheon when funeral arrangements are being made. There is no cost for the funeral luncheon; however, a donation is appreciated. For further information, contact the Church Office.