The committee met on September 19, 2021 to discuss what our theme would be for this year. Bill Schneider showed us the hand he had found, with each digit representing a different aspect of stewardship: Love, Relationship, Possessions, Sacrifice, and Ownership. We all agreed that it would be a good theme for the 2021 campaign, “GOD’s Work Our Hands…”

Sue Gigliotti made the large hand poster, and Sharon Heinrich made all the letters for each digit.

Each week, the letters were put on the appropriate digit. Bill Schneider or Serena Abruzzino wrote and performed little skits, while the rest of us took turns reading the appropriate scripture.

Pledge cards and Time & Talent surveys were distributed to all our members. Then, small hands were added to the board as the pledges came in and we worked toward our goal. On November, 14th, Stewardship Sunday, we dedicated the pledges. We have received 61 pledges to date, but will accept more at any time. Thank you to everyone who supports the church with their time, talent, and treasure.


Your Stewardship Committee,

Bill Schneider, Sue Gigiotti, Serena Abruzzino, Beth Giuliano,

Pastor Heidi, Judi Pavisich, and special helpers Irene Joyce and Sharon Heinrich


If you are interested in giving electronically, Here’s how:  You can customize your giving based on how, when, and how much through E-Offering.  Log on to our church website at and click “Donate Now”.  You will be taken to the church’s myEoffering page.  Simply click on the “Sign-up” button and you will then fill in your personal information and “Register”.  Follow the prompts to set up your payment, one-time or ongoing.  You can also set up your giving through Bill Pay on your bank’s website.