was a great success! Thank you to the Leek Pipe Organ Company and especially our 5 organists:
(L to R) Nick Cantello, Greta Pasztor, Carmen Massaro, Sharon Heinrich, and Jarred Sorauf.

The final phase of the nearly decade long organ restoration project is complete! Thank you to everyone for their patience, enthusiasm, and generous support of this huge undertaking!
–the Organ Restoration Committee—
Jim Heinrich and Sharon Metivier, Co-Chairs
Judy Gaumer, Bruce and Pam Keenen, Treasurer Sarah Keenen, Sandy O’Shea

We are transitioning to become the Organ Preservation Committee, with a focus on maintaining our beautiful pipe organ. We are developing a maintenance plan with Leek Pipe Organ Company which will keep this historic instrument functioning for years to come!

History of the Pipe Organ


Leek Pipe Organ Company


The Organ Restoration Committee thanks everyone for their support of their fundraisers, particularly those who choose to purchase gift cards.

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