Persons interested in membership are requested to contact the church office at 440-238-6697.

New members may join through transfer from another church, affirmation of faith, re-affirmation of faith, or by confirmation. They are asked to stand before the congregation and affirm their faith and promise to support the church.


Welcome to our church family to these folks, who joined our congregation on September 17th

Karen Bates and her partner, Colette, are Strongsville residents, who have been together for 28 years. Karen has come to our church seeking community and spiritual guidance and instruction. Karen is a musician and sings and plays guitar. She has already been “voluntold” to serve communion and usher. Karen’s sponsors are Linda and Mike Elkins.

Colette Emerson lives in Strongsville with her partner of 28 years, Karen, and their cats, Bella and Biscuit. Colette came to our church seeking community and shared faith and believes she has found that here. She has taught Sunday School classes this summer already and is signed up to be a substitute teacher this fall. Linda and Mike Elkins are serving as Colette’s sponsors.

Judy and Les Fox live in Valley City and come to us from University Circle United Methodist Church. They have found many old and new friends here at Strongsville UCC and are happy to be joining our friendly, loving community. Les and Judy have been married for 23 years and have 5 grown children and 10 grandchildren. Mary Ellen Zimmerman, a friend from UCUMC, is their sponsor.

Pam and Doug Hansen, Strongsville residents, were invited to come to our worship services by their friend, Martha Hattery. They tried it and they liked the sense of belonging that they felt here. Pam and Doug have been married for almost 19 years and have 5 grown children between them. Martha and John Hattery are sponsoring them.

Audrey McQueen has been attending our worship services for several years and has decided to become a member and make it official. Audrey lives in Strongsville and works part-time at McDonald’s. Judy Carte is sponsoring Audrey.

Ken Wills lives in Cleveland, but has lived in several places all over the country. He has been bringing his mom, Claire Wills, to church for a number of years. Ken is a teacher and has recently started the next step of his teaching career at Menlo Park Academy. Ken’s sister, Allison Miller, and her family are long-time members. Ken is being sponsored by Elaine Coffey.