The Strongsville United Church of Christ is in the process of searching for and calling a permanent minister.


Greetings from your Pulpit Search Committee! As we continue in our mission to place our settled pastor, it seems as if it is taking a very long time. Please keep in mind that a typical search usually lasts anywhere from twelve to eighteen months, or more.
Your committee has been diligently evaluating over forty ministerial profiles. It is only fair and right to give each profile its due process and thorough investigation. This takes time. We are committed to follow the process set by the UCC, and to ensure that we are fulfilling our obligation with due diligence. The Committee is exceedingly grateful for your continued patience, support and prayers.

Many thanks,

Your Pulpit Search Committee

Members of the Pulpit Search Committee are:
Sally Herzog (Chair)
Ted Bickley
Judy Carte (Co-secretary)
Kristen Clotworthy, (Co-Secretary)
Jim Dettmer
Ingrid Dickson, (Chaplain)
Bill Schneider (Co-secretary)